Password Shared Folder

Password Shared Folder 4.6.5

Password Shared Folder Password Protect Shared Folders and Files on Lan and Network


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Password Shared Folder Password Protect Shared Folders and Files on Lan and Network

Password Protect Shared Folder is designed for for corporate usage, help you to protect sharing folders on your network and on removable device. Users can browser the documents but not able to copy and modify them that lets you prevent illegal copying of your files. Allow you to set different passwords for each user. With Shared Folder Protctor, organizations can defend their intellectual property, customer and partner data and corporate brand equity.

Supported File Format Allow you to password protect sharing files including PDFs, Flash Files, MS Office Files, Videos and Images. Password Protect Sharing Users are able to view the password protected shared folder, but not able to copy or modify the files without pemission. Administrator has the highest authority to delete, copy and modify any file. Multi-user Permission Settings Set customized permessions for different user groups, such as read-only permission, write-only permission. Rapid Deployment Process After installing the software on your files server, all the users on the Lan can access your password protected shared folder. Removable Device Supported Protect shared folders on all portable devices.

1. Set permissions for different user groups 2. More than 20 types of permissions including read, copy, write, modify, print etc. 3. Only need install and run the program on a server and all users can access with passwords 4. Advanced AES encryption algorithm technique makes shared folder encryption more reliable and secure than others do. 5. 24*7 timely customer service. 6. There hardly can find a competitor on the market. This software is rare.

It is mostly used by enterprise users who need share folders, documents aInd data between their different work groups and give different operation permissions to those groups.

Password Shared Folder


Password Shared Folder 4.6.5

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